Director of Dr.C.V.Raman  Science College

Dear Students,

Welcome to Dr.C.V.Raman Science College, Sironcha!

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you on behalf of Dr. C . V. Raman Science College ,Sironcha. Mahatma Gandhi says, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Dr. C. V. Raman Science College offers the best learning environment in which the students gain the knowledge and the skills they need to be the leaders and thinkers of today's world.

The goal of our college is to provide accessible, affordable, high quality educational opportunities for the students. The fresh and creative thinking, value based style of education, wealth of resources, the modern facilities - the labs and multi-media center- equipped with latest technology.

Your life is like a sailboat. When you are sailing, you can't control the wind or the stormy weather or water current. But, if you are a good sailor, you could manage the forces of the wind on the sail by adjusting their angle with respect to the moving sailing craft and sometimes by adjusting the sail area and reach the desirable destination safely.

We hope your experience here will train you 'to navigate' efficiently through 'troubled or stormy waters' of your life and reach your intended destination. We are here to support you.

Remember! Success starts here.



  • Dr. Sandip H. Shende
    M.Sc (Botany) , Ph.D

    The Dr. C. V. Raman College of Science stands as an excellent example of progressive ideas, driving force, individual initiatives, private philanthropy and public support.

  • Our Motto

    A dynamic environment offering premier opportunities to explore, discover and achieve.