Course Course Code Outcome
USCCH1 Student shall be able to develop basic knowledge of stereochemistry, arenes, MO theory, VSEPR theory. Also have knowledge about noble gases, hydrocarbons, nuclear chemistry,aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, carboxylic acid and thermodynamics.
USCCH2 Student have knowledge about transition series elements,coordination compounds, chemical kinetics, phase equilibrium and liquid-liquid mixture.
USCCH3 Students have knowledge about NMR, vibrational & rotational spectroscopy, heterocyclic compounds photochemistry, quantum mechanics, quantum chemistry, chromatography, drug, dyes, electrochemistry and biomolecules.
USCBO1 To have knowledge about diversity of micro organisms and lower plants, morphology, anatomy and taxonomy of angiosperms.
USCBO2 To have basic cell biology, plant breeding, genetics, molecular biology and biotechnology.
USCBO3 To have knowledge of plant physiology and plant ecology also having basic knowledge of ethno botany & applied aspects of botany like mushroom cultivation, vermiculture, floriculture and apiculture.
USCZO1 Student have knowledge about animal diversity of non-chordates,basic cell biology.
USCZO2 To have knowledge about animal diversity of chordates,comparative anatomy, physiology & biochemistry, developmental biology & genetics and evolution.
USCZO3 To have knowledge about mammalian physiology & biochemistry,aquaculture, economic entomology, bio technique, microtechnique,immunology, bioinformatics and biostatistics.
USCMT1 Students have knowledge about Limit and continuity, Roll's theorm, Maclaurin's & Taylor's series, Gamma & Beta function, double integration, Euler's theorm, complex number, Bernolli,s equation and Orthogonal Trajectory, Wronskian and its properties.
USCMT2 Students have knowledge about advanced calculus and group theory, abstract algebra, classical mechanics and statics, real analysis, Set theory and Laplace transform and number theory.
USCMT3 Students have knowledge about Cauchy's-Riemann equation,Vector space, linear transformation, inner product space, Special Relativity, Newtonian Mechanics, Einstein's Special theory of Relativity, Relativistic Kinematics, Lorentz Transformation,Metric space, Kiemann interval, complex integration, Fourier transform, Tensor analysis and electromagnetism.
USCPH1 Knowledge about Newton's laws of motion, moment of inertia,Special theory of relativity, Newton's law of gravitation, elasticity and surface tension.
USCPH2 Understanding concept of kinetic theory of gases,the rmodynamics, thermal radiation, statistical analysis M.B., B.E.,and F.D. statistics, sound wave and laser.
USCPH3 Knowledge of X-ray, crystal structure, free election theory, thermodynamics, statistical physics and their calculation & application
S.NO Course Downloads
1 B.Sc. CBZ (CBCS) Download
2 B.Sc. PCM (CBCS) Download

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